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The top 10 Vietnam War movies offer glimpses at the horrors of war while also illustrating why many choose to fightTop 10 War Movies Image. Top 10 War Movies. ;Jun 30, 2014 ·Join http://.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 Vietnam War movies.Viet Nam vs USA best war movie l The Legend Maker ;The Vietnam War film. But the tone of films dealing with the Vietnam War soon changed and even within the mainstream of Hollywood.;Right from the start, Hollywood struggled with the Vietnam War, a conflict that deeply divided public opinion and defied easy representation on-screen. The 1968 John Wayne film "The Green Berets," released at the height of the conflict, was;Here are the top ten examples of VietnamProbably not seen outside Australia but the “The Odd Angry Shot” is a classic 1979 movie about the Vietnam War ;Representation of the Vietnamese in film. According to a study by Martin Novelli, the depiction of the Vietnamese in American war films is woefully

Vietnam sentences 7 for defrauding families of MIA soldiers

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — A court in central Vietnam sentenced seven people to up to life in prison Friday for defrauding families of Vietnam War soldiers by mov;10 great Vietnam war filmswe take a tour of duty around 10 of the best Vietnam war movies. Paul O’Callaghan Updated: 11 March 2015 ;Espen Egil Hansen, editor in chief of the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, criticized Facebook for deleting a post that included Nick Ut’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of a naked girl;In this video, WatchMojo.com counts down our picks for the top 10 Vietnam War movies.Top 10 World War II Movies. Top 10 Fictional Armies;Top 10 War Movies of All Time.  Docs Vietnam. The Top Suicide Missions in War Films. Action & War Movies Essentials.