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10+ items · 1-16 of 360 results for Movies & TV: "laurel and hardy films" "laurel and hardy films"Laurel and Hardy: The Laurel &Hardy Murder Case 1930. NR. CC. ;Stan Laurel, Actor: The Flying Deuces. Stan Laurel came from a theatrical family, his father was an actor;The BBC biopic will be written and produced by the team behind Philomena;Laurel and Hardy's shorts were among the most successful in the business. In 1931, Laurel and Hardy made the first feature film in which they were the stars, Pardon Us.;A Guide to the Lost Films of Laurel and Hardy Update. Several years ago I wrote an article for this magazine on the lost films of Laurel and Hardy.;Laurel and Hardy Filmography. This is a full list of 'Laurel & Hardy' films. You can use this as a guide to building up your collection. The titles that are links

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This list only contains the films that Laurel and Hardy made together. For their solo films see Stan Laurel filmography and Oliver Hardy filmography.;Laurel & Hardy Archive 1000's of original files from the Hal Roach Studios;Jon S Baird, director of Irvine Welsh’s Filth, is to make a film focusing on Stan and Ollie’s farewell tour of the UKSimon Louvish on Laurel and Hardy’s comic roots Continue reading;Laurel and Hardy were a comedy double act during the early Classical Hollywood era of American cinema.