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This pair of Laurel and Hardy capers sees them first struggle to deliver a piano up some stairs, then appear in a comedy in which Stan doesn’t realise world war one is over. Peter Bradshaw explains why The Musicbox and Block-Heads are a couple;Laurel and Hardy made two more films, A Chump at Oxford (1940) and Saps at Sea (1940) that Roach released through United Artists.;The BBC biopic will be written and produced by the team behind Philomena;Get Unlimited Access to Hulu’s Library;The Lost Films of Laurel and Hardy Leave 'Em Laughing |;Laurel & Hardy Archive 1000's of original files from the Hal Roach Studios;It was known that Hal Roach had done this with many of the early Laurel & Hardy sound films, but as far as fans were concerned these films were of little interest.

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10+ items · 1-16 of 360 results for Movies & TV: "laurel and hardy films" "laurel and hardy films"Laurel and Hardy: The Laurel &Hardy Murder Case 1930. NR. CC. ;Laurel and Hardy filmography. This list only contains the films that Laurel and Hardy made together ;Welcome to the Laurel and Hardy Official Website Main Menu . home home message board faq contact us business contacts. Laurel & Hardy films features