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By the mid-1800s, Five Points (at the intersection of Park, Worth and BaxterStreets) is known as New York City's most notorious slum.;Today the Five Points intersection is buried largely beneath Chinatown's Columbus Park and a federal courthouse. Though historian Tyler Anbinder has quibbles with Gangs of New York's Five Points, he gives the film points for overall accuracy.;Five Points (or The Five Points) was a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, NewYork City. .. The area formerly occupied by Five Points is today covered in partin the west and south by large city, state, and federal administration buildings and;The bright idea of recycling a small screen story to the big screen has been around for decades, but the often-attempted makeover doesn't always make for cinema success;Mary Pope Osborne will be executive producer along with husband, Will Osborne in developing multiple live-action films based on much-loved books;Feb 7, 2013Explore the history behind New York's now-vanished Paradise Square;Sure,there are many people living in Manhattan today who see the metropolis as This modified aerial view of the Five Points shows the area around

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Real-time local buzz for Five Points in New York: find out what locals in New York are saying right now about Five Points  Editor's Pick. Despite everyone getting poisoned by Applebees salsa yesterday, today was a lovely day at Five Points;The city resumes its recycling and garbage collection schedule today -- with one small change.>>Thanks to the Christmas holiday, residents who usually see collection on Thursday will see their;Today, the Five Points neighborhood, once known as a center of vice, crime and debauchery throughout the nineteenth century is  1,495,843 KB. New York's Mythic Slum. Digging Lower Manhattan's Infamous Five Points Site (508 Compliant Version).;The Five Points Then and Now: Landmarks [FP2](2001) Five Points. New York: Penguin Groupthe Mackinac Bridge is about 19th in the world today, ;What is Five Points? Five Points is New York City's mythic slum. Named for the points created by the intersection of Park, Worth, and Baxter streets, the neighborhood