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Stretch ceiling is a sustainable, eco-friendly, affordable and innovative material for creating a unique interior design and atmosphere in both residential spaces and commercial buildings. Our mission Supplier of: Hanging ceilings stretch;A Foxconn employee in China in 2012. Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturer best known for making Apple iPhones in Chinese factories, is planning to build as many as 12 new assembly plants in India.;Safety stretch ceiling material does not contain any harmful components, is odorless, non-flammable, and hypoallergenic. Stretch ceilings can be installed in hospitals or kindergartens.;Home Portfolio Category Living roomProject Fabric seamless stretch ceiling with 3DEventually we ended up with a wonderful printable Swiss material Clipso fabric ;Multifunctional interior decoration materials supplier YR BMF5.  Stretch Ceiling Film for interior decoration plastic building materials.;Aberdeenshire firm LFH Engineering is setting its sights on the Far East in its quest for new business. The designer and manufacturer of engine pumps is targeting further growth in the region after officially opening the doors of its new facility

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Barrisol World leader of stretched ceiling; Discover our innovative interior design solutions with stretch ceilings. See our interior decoration projects;Our 3D Ceilings designed to create distinctive interior features. Contact us we will help you with design, quotation and installation.;EXTENZO, Design and Technology Manufacturer of Stretch Ceilings for 35 years, offers a versatile solution that enhances your comfort with Stretch Ceilings;Barrisol® world leader of stretched ceiling, since 45 years The first stretch ceiling was manufactured by Normalu® in 1969. The Barrisol® brand was created in 1975.