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Handy Conversion tables for stretch film to calculate the following: Stretch Film Roll Weight, Stretch Film Roll Length, Stretch Film Microns to Gauge, Stretch Film ;Image not available for Colour: 1 Clear Pallet Stretch Wrap Cling Film 400mm x 250m. by Packing Express. 4.5 out of 5 stars 289 customer reviews.;Can someone help me with the conversion factor for Micron to Gauge thickness for film? Re: Micron to Gauge (film thickness) by Robert Fogt on ;*Machine Stretch Film- Our machine pallet stretch wrap is offered in true standard gauged film as well as pre stretched and equivalent film.  We offer two equivalent hand films that offer a great hold, good stretch, and one sided cling at an;High performance multilayer micron stretch film. Please enter coupon code "durapak" to get 6% discount for over $300.00 total purchase, 10% for over $500.00 and 12% discount for over $1000.00 total purchase.. This following 11, 12, 16, 16.5;For consignmen 【CLEAR PALLET WRAP】Stretch/Cling/Shrink/Plastic/Poly/Polythene/Film/Wrapping. 【400mm x 300 x 14mu】Cover Pallets, Wrap Parcels etc.

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