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A New Slitter Design

I wanted my slitter to be small enough to use in a changing bag. It consists of a "floor" covered with felt, and two "walls" 35 mm apart to guide the film.;Intro: Instamatic Film Slitter. Make a nearly free film slitter. Cut cheap 35mm film down to submini and 110 size.;A film slitter, sometimes also called film splitter, is a device used in subminiature photography to slit 135 or 120 roll film into 16mm film or Minox film for use in subminiature cameras.;DJ Yoda Goes To the Sci-Fi Movies Edinburgh Greek Film Festival Underground Film Club The Created Woman Continue reading;Jamie Babbit’s comedy tells the tangled lives of two sisters that get involved in an accidental murder;Vincent's Film Slitters. Pictures presented in stereo are for parallel eye viewing.  This slitter allows the slitting of 35mm film into two rows of 9.3mm wide film for minox cameras.

Addicted to Fresno

Addicted to Fresno is an edgy, daring and often tasteless comedy about two sisters who end up working in deadbeat;With a film slitter, you can get some amazing film into your submini, such as 2475 recording film, B&W or color infrared film, Tech pan, Agfapan 25 and Ektar 25.