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Protect your products with high-performance, cross-linked, multi-layered polyolefin shrink film (shrink wrap). Our durable and recyclable centerfolded shrink fi;Dr. Shrink Marine And Industrial Shrink Film Is Used For Commercial Or Industrial Product Storage And Shipping Applications.;Reynolon 5044 PVC Shrink FilmSoft touch, medium biaxial shrinkage, non-food packaging.The industry standard general purpose film.;Heat Shrink Wrap Packaging Centerfold Film Rolls, Bags, and Tubing! Find Out What Heat Shrink Wrap Is? Watch How-To Videos! View Popular Sizes and Uses For Each ;Critically acclaimed movie being considered for Best Foreign Language category;Grafix Shrink Films shrink to hard, durable plastic embellishments that are nine times thicker and 50% smaller. Simply create, cut, and bake! Use Shrink Films in a

Heat Activated Shrink Wrap Grainger Industrial Supply

Heat-activated polyethylene film, or shrink film, is waterproof, durable, and high puncture and tear resistant. Provides UV protection for up to 9 months.;Telefilm Canada is holding a press conference in Montreal to reveal the feature film it's submitted for consideration in the best foreign-language film category.