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Are all tampons toxic? No one seems to have the answer

Despite a profusion of “non-toxic” menstrual products, little research has been conducted to determine whether tampons actually pose a health riskThere are more than seven manufacturers of organic cotton tampons and four tampon subscription;Non-toxic home cleaning tips and products. Safe, green, natural eco-friendly solutions.;Green Products offers a non-toxic cleaner that is powerful, easy to use and gets, you the same, if not better results than those other commercial cleaners. GVP Formula 433 is an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser concentrate and a super;Under my kitchen sink there’s an entire arsenal of non-toxic cleaning products. It didn’t happen over-night. It’s been a gradual switch, as things ran out they were replaced with a non-toxic alternative.; A warning for life-threatening TSS is displayed on all tampon boxes, but how worried should we be when using the products? ;Producer, and distributor of environmentally-safe household products, including cleaners, paper products, and personal care. Includes a weblog and tips for green

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Mar 13, 2013 ·Anything and EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about non-toxic, eco friendly baby gear!;An expert recommends non-toxic products for personal care: shampoo, shower, face products, toothpaste;“The signs are sufficiently disturbing for the European Union, through the SCPHC (Scientific Committee of the Products for Human Consumption) to publish a list of ;Did you know that the ingredients aren’t required to be listed on conventional cleaning products because their formulas are considered  They’d also rather you not know that you can clean just as easily with common non-toxic household;How to make non-toxic play-doh at home with YouTube channel Katie's Playtime.