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This box set contains an interesting mix of films made by Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy before their pairing together with Flying Deuces and Utopia, the very last film the duo ever made. There is also the tribute television show This Is Your Life,;One step closer to the Oscar! The Revenant sweeps the board at the BAFTAs with FIVE major accolades including Best Film and a Best Leading Actor prize for an emotional Leonardo DiCaprio.;23. Juli 2011Dick und Doof (Laurel und Hardy) als Schornsteinfeger Laurel und HardyZwischen 1926 und 1951 drehten sie zusammen 106 Filme (79 ;Air Raid Wardens Angora Love Another Fine Mess Any Old Port Atoll K Babes in Toyland Bacon Grabbers Battle of the Century, the Be Big Beau Hunks Below Zero;Jan 22, 2012Laurel & Hardy Great GunsStan Laurel & Oliver Hardy :Come Clean.Laurel and Hardy in 'The Flying Deuces' (1939) [STONEVISION] ;Laurel and Hardy were a motion picture comedy team whose official filmography consists of 106 films released between 1921 and 1951. Together they

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Of the seven Laurel & Hardy films listed as lost, five were released in 1927. And while Lucky Dog (1921), Duck Soup (1927), Why Girls Love Sailors (1927);However, it would be remiss of me not also mention that most famous comical duo of their age, the brilliant Laurel & Hardy. Like the other comedians I previously ;Laurel and Hardy would have caused 88 serious eye injuries in their 92 filmsHe analysed every optical trauma from comedy duo's 92 films for his researchHardy was the primary victim and Laurel's finger was the most common cause;This pair of Laurel and Hardy capers sees them first struggle to deliver a piano up some stairs, then appear in a comedy in which Stan doesn’t realise world war one is over. Peter Bradshaw explains why The Musicbox and Block-Heads are a couple;Charlotte Rampling has finally been honoured with an Oscar nomination after five decades in showbusiness. She received the nod for Best Actress for her role in film '45 Years'.