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The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator. Your support ID is: .;Specialising in 35mm and 120mm film processing in the UK, our in-storeusingand maintaining our labs, you'll get great quality prints at a great price.getgreat digital images no matter what type of camera you've used to take your ;Chile’s consumers have had a rough deal for 15 years after two paper manufacturers colluded to keep the price of;I've found a camera with what I think is a roll of film in from around 2005.havingpaid a small ransom at Max Spielmann for 1 hr processing, ;Apr 28, 2016I was given a film camera with no knowledge of how to use it etc.They're only afew quid a roll for dev+scan and aren't too bad at all for the price. . SnappySnaps and Max Spielmann in many town centres will give you a;If you get the pics scanned as 1 roll of 35mm to 1 cd, a 36-exposure should allow the shop to scan each pic so that the individual jpeg size is around 15 Mb. A standard cd-rom is about 700 Mb, so divide this figure by the no. of exposures on a

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While my digital camera was out of action recently I used my oldOf course, ifit's B&W film it's easy enough to develop and print yourself it'll only cost you Im a senior manager for Klick PhotoPoint/Max Spielmann and can ;I took a colour print film to Max Spielmann's for processing and printing.that's partly down to me. I'd taken a roll of night shots, guessing the exposures, so about two-thirds of the negs were wrongly exposed.My course of action is to;Two paper manufacturers in Chile have been accused of colluding to keep the price of toilet rolls artificially high for;Buy photo film from our range of Agfa, Fujifilm, Kodak and Ilford. We stock a greatrange of photographic film at competative prices.