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Welcome to the Laurel and Hardy Official Website Main Menu . home home message board faq contact us business contacts. Laurel & Hardy films features ;This pair of Laurel and Hardy capers sees them first struggle to deliver a piano up some stairs, then appear in a comedy in which Stan doesn’t realise world war one is over. Peter Bradshaw explains why The Musicbox and Block-Heads are a couple;Stan Laurel, Actor: The Flying Deuces. Stan Laurel came from a theatrical family, his father was an actor;The Coalition’s ‘war on environmental vigilantes and saboteurs’ isn’t consistent: it’s waged against anti-coal activists but in support of anti-windfarm activistsEven for the Abbott;Laurel and Hardy News,Online Store, Juke Box, Downloads, Photo Galleries, DVDs, Locations, Film Fair dates,complete filmography plus much more.;Laurel and Hardy's shorts were among the most successful in the business. In 1931, Laurel and Hardy made the first feature film in which they were the stars, Pardon Us.

The Lost Films of Laurel & Hardy: The Complete Collection

Mastered from original 35mm material, the lost films of the great comedy team of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are now available for the first time on DVD;A Guide to the Lost Films of Laurel and Hardy Update. Several years ago I wrote an article for this magazine on the lost films of Laurel and Hardy.;The world famous Laurel and Hardy Museum devoted to Stan and Olly in Ulverston, Cumbria the birthplace of Stan Laurel. The site tells you more about the museum and ;Laurel and Hardy were a comedy double act during the early Classical Hollywood era of American cinema.