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3D printer builds houses in China

A Chinese construction company is building houses that can be mass-produced using a 3D printer. Using a mixture of cement and construction waste, the houses can be produced for under $5,000 (£2,970). The walls and structure of the house are;China PMMA Anti-UV PVC Film/ Cold Laminating /Plastic/ Wrapping Window Film/Foil,FOB Price Port. BasicPVC Laminated Wall Panel, Weather Resistance Film ;At the University of Victoria, under the leadership of professor Nick Dechev, director of the biomedical engineering program, the non-profit Victoria Hand Project combines 3D printing technology;A modern stretch ceiling is an extremely versatile ceiling system that can fit practically any shape and be installed in virtually any kind of room (great idea for a bathroom ceiling), with only a few exceptions.;Custom-made, living body parts have been 3D-printed in an important advance for regenerative medicine, say scientists.;A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system consisting of two basic components a perimeter track and lightweight fabric membrane which stretches and clips into the track. In addition to ceilings the system can be used for wall coverings,

Anti-UV / Exterior Use Laminated Wall Panels, Wood

Wall Panel from Anti-UV / Exterior UsePVC/Lamination/Cold Laminating /Plastic/Window Film forAnti-Corrosion, anti-aging 5&period ;The special glow of translucent film creates a 3D effect perforation. Such ceiling can bring to life the most daring design decisions.  What is printing on stretch ceilings? On PVC fabric using large-format printer applied to the selected;Generally stretch ceilings are made of PVC film that serves more then 10 years. All the beds are covered by thin teflon coat that protects them from contamination and dust. Stretch ceiling is a;LAQFOIL® Stretch Ceiling is an innovative ceiling and wall surface that gives you massive freedom in design with minimal installation and upkeep hassle. The system is composed of a PVC or Descor (canvas-like) membrane that stretches and clips to;Welcome to ”Refretonic MT Digital Industry“ YouTube Online Showroom! ! We are Eco Solvent Printer, Digital Textile Printer, UV Printer Manufacturer and