Tel Pressure Resistance Arab-Israeli City Seeks Countrywide Ban On Film About

Family of Arab Israeli 'held by Hamas' seeks answers

A year of uncertainty for Hisham Al-Sayed's family finally came to an end this month when a grainy black and white photo appeared on a Hamas-affiliated telev;JERUSALEM, Nov 20 (Reuters) An Israeli mayor has imposed a partial ban on employing Arab workers in his city in a sign of mounting security concerns after ;An Israeli mayor came under government fire on Thursday after ordering a ban on some Arab municipal workers in the wake of Tuesday's deadly attack on a Jerus;Tel Aviv (Hebrew: תל אביב, Arabic: تل أبيب) is the second largest city in Israel (after Jerusalem), and has the largest metropolitan area. It is on the ;Cinema Boutique hotel in Tel Aviv is a renovated hotel situated just a short walk from the Tel Aviv beach, in an original Bauhaus style building the Esther Cinema ;A bizarre fog of rumour has clouded around the decision by Altitude Film Distribution not to release Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie in Irish cinemas.

Iran shows off captured US, Israeli drones: Photos

Iranian authorities showed off US, UK and Israeli-made drones they claim to have downed in earlier times, as tensions with western powers escalate.;Feb 26, 2017 · We had a feeling this year's ever-political Oscars would culminate during the Best Foreign Language Film category! Donald Trump once again found his way ;"Many counter-drone platforms were assessed by the DIU seeking the optimal solutions, and we are proud to have been down-selected.".;Eden Cinema, Tel Aviv. The Eden Cinema (Kolnoa Eden) was built in 1914 despite objections by the residents of Ahuzat Bayit, the neighborhood that became Tel Aviv.;Israel's Ministry of Health says it is imposing an immediate ban on sales of flavored cartridges of oil used in the smoking devices.