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Tufflex Plastic raw material supply for the plastic moulding industry. Tufflex’s raw material division;2 The mold is made up of several chambers, which create multiple plastic parts. Inside the mold, the plastic is held under pressure and then allowed to ;BALL CLAY Al2O3.2SiO2.2H2O fine particle-size secondary clay, extremely plastic primary plasticizing clay in most claybodies in  BURNT UMBER iron-manganese ore good color source for basalt bodies. CARBONDALE CLAY refractory;Plastic Raw Material is crafted from Rock Dust and Corn. Plastic Raw Material is used to craft the Emergency Ration using the Food Processor. It is also used to craft the Interior Kitchen, Interior Kitchen 02, Interior Livingroom, Interior;Good Quality FR4 Raw Material RED Solder Multi Layer PCB Custom PCB OEM Service from China Plastic Raw Materials Manufacturer