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35mm film processing services in the UK

Film Processing. From the moment you leave us your films with us we'll take care of  If your chosen store doesn't provide a same day service we can still take in your films and;Processing centres in Amman and Beirut are part of a complex system that will soon deliver 700 people a day to their new home;Minimum Charge: $3.50 Develop Only service (blank film). 110 & 126 C-41 Processing 4x5. Identical. First Set.;A summary of our film processing services, including C-41, black-and-white, and E-6 film formats.;High quality and reliable E6 slide film processing service. Process only, process and mount, process and scan and process, scan and print mail order services ;At Kodak Express we provide old Film processing, developing, sacn and printing services throughout the UK

Xerox reports sales decline and plans to split company

The move will reverse a six-year-old effort by the printer and copier maker to boost sales by providing outsourced business services to corporate customers.Xerox has been under pressure from activist investor Carl Icahn, who has argued that its;At Kodak Express we provide old movie Film processing and transfering to DVD services throughout the UK;Professional film processing service. Black & White hand processing, and Colour (C-41). Mail order available.;Kate Middleton's brother's marshmallow image-printing business lost almost £250,000 between November 2013 and December last year.