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Just in time for spring, we are lowering the price of our SunFilm 20" drastically. Genuine SUNFILM has a high anti-UV content to protect against film degradation and ;Environment Canada says Metro Vancouver is in for at least a week of unseasonably hot and dry weather. The mercury begins to climb Thursday with highs of 18 degrees C, 22 degrees C inland, and then spikes on Friday. The UV index for Thursday is;I can’t agree more with George >Costanza in that there’s great value >in ending on a high note, so with that >in mind I’m putting a wrap on the year >that was with some of my favourite;Stretch film for silage SP performs quality control and certification of stretch film for round bale ;Sunfilm White Silage Wrap adheres and stretches across round bales creating an air tight tension seal for 12 months of outdoor storage and fermentation. This special ;Silage Stretch Film * Brief: We are experienced producers of the silage wrap in China. Quality is our

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***Silage Bag/Grain Bags ***Stretch Film/Pallet Wrap Film ***Pallet Net Wtap About more detailed;Bale Packaging Everything from a single source. Get the best out of your CLAAS machine. Bale Packaging;;Livestock producers are being urged to get their silage analysed to flag up any potential problems with winter feed. SRUC livestock specialist Basil Lowman said producers must not underestimate the impact that poor quality silage can have on;Flat Sheeting/ Bunker Cover/Silage Shield/Oxygen Barrier.Sunfilm Stretch Wrap.Sunfilm Bale Wrap 30" x 5000 x 1 ml-white.